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WELCOME TO MAHARAJAFine Dining Indian Restaurant & Bar

Maharaja is established as fine dining Indian restaurants known for its exclusivity and a touch of simplicity that is as unique as is the name. We take pride in offering tasty Indian food with with exotic picks from all over India with specialities from the regions of Punjab and the Mughal Era.

Here you can be assured of the best of Indian cuisine, presented impeccably in the traditional but Classic copperware. Food is cooked in most hygienic atmosphere using the freshest of ingredients in a state-of-the-art kitchen fitted with the best of equipment using all the latest technologies. Highest standards in service implement to make your every visit memorable.

Restaurant MissionAuthentic North Indian Cuisinex

Here you can be assured of the best of Indian cuisine, presented impeccably in the traditional but Classic copperware. Food is cooked in most hygienic atmosphere using the freshest of ingredients in a state-of-the-art kitchen fitted with the best of equipment using all the latest technologies. Highest standards in service implement to make your every visit memorable.

OUR SPECIALITIESDelicacies we createx

TESTIMONIALSMeet Our Customersx

  • Love this place! I’ve been here several times with my husband and children. The food is always hot, delicious and... read more

    kara “theselittlesteps” Avatar
    kara “theselittlesteps”

    5 star ratingA truly fantastic meal! We absolutely loved this place! The décor is elegant and clean, they do a good job on covid safety, and... read more

    V_Tietsoort Avatar

    First off, the food is spectacular! Authentic recipies from Northern India. Extensive menu with fair pricing. Friendly, fast service. ... read more

    Charylie Dennis Avatar
    Charylie Dennis
  • 5 star ratingTop flight Indian food We’ve eaten at many Indian restaurants around the world, and this is one of the best and most authentic. Everything... read more

    jim951 Avatar

    5 star ratingExcellent food and great people! My wife and I ordered lamb saag and chicken curry both had tons of flavor.... read more

    Dustin M. Avatar
    Dustin M.

    I truly feel if you Enjoy Indian food and want to please your taste buds in every way! This is... read more

    William OConnor Avatar
    William OConnor
  • 4 star ratingGot the chicken pakora, samosa and biryani. The pakora were not bad but the condiments you get with it definitely... read more

    Mihir D. Avatar
    Mihir D.

    4 star ratingWe drove here from a ski weekend Windham for takeout because had heard via word of mouth about the quality... read more

    A B. Avatar
    A B.

    We ordered takeout for the first time from them today end it was, hands down, the best Indian food we... read more

    Kayla Paluch Avatar
    Kayla Paluch
  • Great authentic north Indian food, always consistent and delicious

    Hemant Kasare Avatar
    Hemant Kasare

    Food was amazingly good. I loved it all. Make sure to order extra garlic naan and forget a fork cheers

    Cole Russo Avatar
    Cole Russo

    Very flavorful food. We have eaten in and ordered take out, loved everything. Great vegetarian selection as well... read more

    Sara Brown Avatar
    Sara Brown
  • 5 star ratingAuthentic, healthy, delicious and full of flavor. I was so impressed with the food. We had a good variety of... read more

    Adrian C. Avatar
    Adrian C.

    5 star ratingI've had Indian food all over the world, even Michelin rated, and this is hands down one of the best!... read more

    Tati C. Avatar
    Tati C.

    Always a pleasant experience here. Clean, attentive staff, and absolutely delicious food. For those that are intimidated by spicy... read more

    Ademir C Avatar
    Ademir C
  • First time I ever had Okra was here (oddly enough), but maaan was it good. Great atmosphere, great food.

    Joemoo Avatar

    5 star ratingFive stars for customer service. They are so efficient, courteous, and clean! I'm always so impressed and I have never... read more

    Kim K. Avatar
    Kim K.

    My personal favorite take out out of all our local restaurants, my wife and 6yo agree. Ultra consistent, friendly, and... read more

    Nick Michetti Avatar
    Nick Michetti
  • Best Indian in the capital district, Hands down. The sauces they include are incredible. I drive 30 minutes to... read more

    Peter Ossi Avatar
    Peter Ossi

    Absolutely fantastic service and food..*update. This is one of my favorite date night places. Intimate environment, respectful and aware staff.... read more

    Rachel O Avatar
    Rachel O

    Pretty place, large menu robust portions. Vegan friendly. We found several dishes a bit too salty and with... read more

    David Rosensaft Avatar
    David Rosensaft
  • 5 star ratingVery good authentic Indian cuisine. I tried chicken biryani with raita , chicken tikka masala and plain naan. I Will... read more

    Live4 T. Avatar
    Live4 T.

    I tried something super basic, chicken tikka. Sauce was very tasty, the rice cooked so nice with a lovely aroma.... read more

    Em Hobbs Avatar
    Em Hobbs

    Great care taken with take out as well as in. Delicious food. Looks beautiful and tastes great.

    Lillian Moy Avatar
    Lillian Moy
  • They do not use soy in their dishes. There food can be mild. The tandoori chicken wings are one of... read more

    Felicia Aversa Avatar
    Felicia Aversa

    I've eaten A LOT of chicken tikka masala in my time.Maharaja kills it - the absolute best EVER.HEAVEN ON A... read more

    Maureen McKeon Avatar
    Maureen McKeon

    4 star ratingThe place was very well decorated, the serving ware was also very nice.The Chicken Samosas were great, wasn't sure what... read more

    RabbitofAnime .. Avatar
    RabbitofAnime ..
  • First time having Indian food. I had researched some of the dishes i was interested in and I wrote them... read more

    mary lombardi Avatar
    mary lombardi

    Excellent... good quality take out. Will be back!

    Zach Wyles Avatar
    Zach Wyles

    5 star ratingWe drive 45 minutes every few weeks for the sukka: fresh coconut, whole curry leaves, nuts, and toasted peppercorns.... read more

    Adam T. Avatar
    Adam T.
  • Food was very tasty. We were seated and there for 45 minutes. and asked to hurry because... read more

    justin foster Avatar
    justin foster

    Great authentic Indian taste at affordable price. Very good quality food, huge variety to choose from, sufficient quantity and quick... read more

    Abhilash Gadakh Avatar
    Abhilash Gadakh

    Overall this place serves yummy and authentic Punjabi food. We ordered vegetarian food without onion and garlic and boy we... read more

    vishal shah Avatar
    vishal shah
  • Awesome setting. Very clean, polite staff.

    M Kapoor Avatar
    M Kapoor

    Very good food, nice restaurant as well

    Kevin F Avatar
    Kevin F

    Always good food, plenty of flavor and friendly staff!

    Annie W Avatar
    Annie W
  • 4 star ratingI've been here a few times and the food is always really good. Their Shrimp Vindaloo is FANTASTIC -- flavorful... read more

    Brianna N. Avatar
    Brianna N.

    The name is perfect for this heaven on earth kind of place We ordered their Rani Thali... incredible As if... read more

    dr ankur gupta Avatar
    dr ankur gupta

    5 star ratingI hadn't tried much Indian Food before trying this and I absolutely love it. Not only is the food good... read more

    Chris D. Avatar
    Chris D.
  • 5 star ratingMaharaja is by far the best Indian restraint I've ever ate at and I've ate at quite a few Indian... read more

    Bonnien S. Avatar
    Bonnien S.

    5 star ratingABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS OMG ! I haven't had Indian food since I got back from India in January and one... read more

    Camila G. Avatar
    Camila G.

    5 star ratingThe food here is so good compared to other restaurants in the area with the same food... can make it... read more

    Robert O. Avatar
    Robert O.
  • 5 star ratingConsistently delicious. I always order the korma, tikka masala, and kheer. Thank you!

    Stephanie S. Avatar
    Stephanie S.

    5 star ratingFantastic... fantastic... fantastic. From the front of the house hospitality which was both genuine and warm through the authentic and... read more

    Robert S. Avatar
    Robert S.

    We ordered takeout from Maharaja tonight, and it was delicious. We ordered the saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, chicken korma,... read more

    Jennifer Baker Avatar
    Jennifer Baker
  • The butter chicken is my favorite, but EVERYTHING was delicious.

    Moya Kohana Avatar
    Moya Kohana

    Don’t ever write reviews, but this was the best meal I’ve had out EVER! Excellent food, everything was amazing &... read more

    Kat Avatar

    5 star ratingMaharaja is hands down the best indian in the Capital District. We dine out here or order in a few... read more

    Traci C. Avatar
    Traci C.
  • 5 star ratingGreat Indian food. Definitely will be back. I ordered take out and it’s the best I’ve had in Albany yet. Super flavorful, excellent spice level, and great... read more

    SaraP703 Avatar

    5 star ratingI ordered take out and it's the best I've had in Albany yet. Super flavorful, excellent spice level, and great... read more

    Sara P. Avatar
    Sara P.

    5 star ratingFood was authentic Indian cuisine! It was delicious, fresh, and incredibly well priced! Wonderful staff and atmosphere would highly reccomend!

    Tom S. Avatar
    Tom S.
  • 4 star ratingThank you for contacting me regarding my recent visits to your establishment and improving on service. It is a great... read more

    Richard H. Avatar
    Richard H.

    5 star ratingWe’ve enjoyed dinner at Maharaja We’ve enjoyed dinner at Maharaja several times now—the food is consistently delicious, the best we’ve found in Albany. Paired with... read more

    Goodbklyn Avatar

    5 star ratingI can not recommend this place enough. I have a group of about one dozen friends and family members that... read more

    Nina P. Avatar
    Nina P.
  • By far, the best Indian food I've had in such a long time. Such a great environment full of friendly... read more


    5 star ratingAbsolutely great food! Randomly selected this place off the highway on our way to ski in Vermont - we eat... read more

    Steve V. Avatar
    Steve V.

    5 star ratingWe have been coming here at least once a week for the past few months! The korma, curry, tikka masala,... read more

    Ammie D. Avatar
    Ammie D.
  • 5 star ratingMmm...authentic Indian food done deliciously right. Though I haven't been here in a couple of weeks now and would rather... read more

    Ian D. Avatar
    Ian D.

    5 star ratingMy favorite Indian restaurant in the region! I've gone several times and always order the same thing: Vegetable samosas, garlic... read more

    Mikaela T. Avatar
    Mikaela T.

    Food was amazing!! Service was good and very little wait time.

    JoAnn Mann Dawes Avatar
    JoAnn Mann Dawes

THE CHEFSMeet Our Teamx

Dalip Kapur

Owner & Master Chef read more

Harneet Gujral

Junior Chef read more

Gopal Pandey

Dining Manager read more